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From the time I was a little girl, I have LOVED weddings! I cherish fond memories of my twin brother and younger sisters (also twins!) playing “wedding.”  One sister would be the bridesmaid while the other sister was the flower girl.  Of course, I was the bride! Wearing my mom’s nylon white night gown fashioned the most beautiful wedding dress.   I created the perfect veil by bobby pinning a lace tablecloth to my head. With a large bouquet of artificial flowers clutched in my hands, I made my grand entrance out of the kitchen. As we all hummed the famous “Here Comes The Bride” music, I slowly walked down the shag carpet aisle toward my invisible awaiting groom.  My brother, “the preacher,” was then cued by me to say his rehearsed lines starting the marriage ceremony.  As he looked at my invisible soon-to-be husband, he would say, “I know you do not want to get married today” and chuckle, knowing I would be mad because he was “not doing it right.” In frustration, I would announce, “We’re starting over!” as I pointed back down the aisle. I took playing “wedding” very seriously.




Hometown: Wilmington, NC 

Sweet Husband: Rick from Mississippi

Two college boys: Ethan & Landon

Cute mini-golden doodle:  Winston!


About Vivian: 

Appalachian State University graduate

Family with dog on barn porch

"Vivian, you were the most helpful, amazing, & gracious coordinator.  Zack & Emily lucked out!  Than you for everything.  The wedding was magical.  Hope somebody took home some flowers."

- Farrell Freeman Designs (Los Angeles, CA)

My creative side kicks in with being crafty.  There is nothing like being immersed in a project and you didn't realize hours have gone by. Finding a "treasure" at a thrift store makes giddy inside! Baking on a rainy day, watching college football, dancing, and laughing confirms that life is good.  Volunteer work in my community really satisfies my soul.  When you give back, you are making a difference.  When you make a difference, someone's life has changed.  

Even though I have a passion for weddings, I believe ALL milestone occasions are special. Baby showers, birthday parties, graduations, engagements, and retirement parties gather family and friends to celebrate a special time. 


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“One person with passion is better than forty people merely interested.” 

- E.M. Forster -

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  Samantha Couick Photography