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  Samantha Couick Photography

Family with dog on barn porch
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Hometown: Wilmington, NC 

Sweet Husband: Rick from Mississippi

Two amazing boys: Ethan & Landon

Cute mini-golden doodle:  Winston!

College: Appalachian State University

About Vivian

My creative side kicks in with being crafty.  There is nothing like being immersed in a project and you didn't realize hours have gone by.  I LOVE graphic design work! Especially designing seating charts for my clients.  Let's talk fonts! Finding a "treasure" at a thrift store makes me giddy inside! Baking on a rainy day, watching college football, dancing, and laughing confirms that life is good.  Volunteer work in my community really satisfies my soul.  When you give back, you are making a difference.  When you make a difference, someone's life has changed.  

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